We are proud of our staff. The majority of our employees have been working here since the foundation of the clinic in year 1993. Each of them is a professional, able to help you in the treatment process of yours. Please, feel free and ask for help to anyone of them.

Our doctors

Neurosurgeon, assoc. prof. MD
Juris Puriņš
Vice – president of The Latvian Neurosurgery Association
Mob: +371 29408883

Born in year 1954. Studied at The Riga Medical Institute, Medical faculty from 1972 – 1979, including one year sub traineeship in general surgery. Continued studies at Riga Medical Institute specializing in neurosurgery from year 1978 – 1980. Studied at The Neurosurgical Institute of Kiev from year 1980 – 1984. MD J. Puriņš specialized in neurosurgery at The Harvard University, Boston and USA in years 1988 and 1990. Has been and still is an active participant of professional neurosurgical congresses, conferences, symposia and seminars of local and international level.

Business routine.

After graduating Riga Medical Institute J. Puriņš started working as a new specialist - neurosurgeon at The 7th hospital in year 1980. In addition to practicing his own specialty he started working at The Latvian Neurovascular center of Riga Medical Institute as a scientific collaborator in year 1985. He was the chief scientific collaborator in this center till year 1993. Was a founder of the new CNIL section in Riga Medical Institute – Laser neurosurgery section in the year 1989, J. Purins was elected to be its first chief. J. Purins established The Neurosurgery Private Clinic in year 1993, where he is still running practical neurosurgical work as well as pedagogical work. The Latvian University invited J. Purins to create a training program of neurosurgery in the year 1999, he was elected to be an assistant professor of neurosurgery. J. Puriņš established The Center of Experimental Surgery at the Medical faculty of The Latvian University in year 2001 and was elected to be its leader at a status of associated professor.

Scientific work

Concerns neurosurgery, exactly the complex treatment of malignant cerebral tumours and the complex operative treatment of peripheral nervous system, mostly discogenic radiculitis. J. Puriņš is an author of 36 scientific works. He acquired a degree of candidate of science in medicine in the year 1993 and doctor’ s degree in the year 1995. MD J. Puriņš has worked at and been at the head of scientific projects at The Harvard University from the 1989 – 1991, at The Laser Medicine Center of The Free University of Berlin from the year 1900 –1992. Has delivered scientific lectures at the University of Main and The University of Göteborg, The University of Padua, has taken part in scientific works of Philips Medical Company on laser energy’s medical investigations. The students of The Latvian University are acquiring the basics of practical and theoretical neurosurgery under the guidance of J. Puriņš. He has been a member of the board of The Baltic Neurosurgical Association and The Latvian Neurosurgical Association. MD J. Puriņš has always been keen on introducing the latest achievements in his spatiality in The Latvian Television, different newspapers, journals and radio.

Puriņam 50!

The chief doctor,
PhD, MD Jānis Lācis

Born in year 1935. Graduated Riga Medical Institute in year 1961. The academic education – 1961 therapeutist (RMI), 1964 anaesthesiologist – reanimatologist (RMI), he acquired a degree of candidate of science in medicine in year 1975, 1978 cadiologist (Moscow Medical Institute), he acquired the doctor’s degree in year 1983 (RMI) and was elected to be an associated professor in year 2003 (Riga Stradins University). Work experince - PhD, MD Jānis Lācis woked at the Zonal Hospital of Auce from 1961 – 1962, at the Suburb Hospital of Jaunpils from 1962 – 1963 as a chief doctor, at the Central Hospital of Tukuma District from 1963 – 1969 as a therapeutist and anaesthesiologist, at the PSCUH from 1969 – 1977 as an anaesthesilologist, at the Department of inner diseases at the LMA from 1976 – 1983 as an assistant, at the 32nd ward of the PSCUH from 1977 – 1999 as a chief doctor and cardiologist, at the Riga Stradins University from 1983 – 2003 as a doctor in medical sciences. Membership – Latvian Society of Cardiologists (member of the board, president of the cardiac insufficiency group), Comission of the Sertification of Cardiologists, Comossion of therapeutic nurses sertification of Latvian Nurses Association, coeditor of the journal “Heart insufficiency”, European Society of Cardiologists (member of the cardiac insufficiency group and heart rehabilitation and physiological load group). Scientific works – an investigator in the “RUSSLAN” Levosimendane project (from 1996 – 1998), an investigator in the “In – TIME II” – L anoteplase project (from 1997 – 1998), “Tirofibane” project (from 1998 – 1999), the main investigator in the “OVERTURE” Omapatrialate project (from 2000 – 2002), the main investigator in the “SURVIVE” Levosimendane project (from 2003 – till now). There is 91 scientific publication.

Dr. Normunds Elksnins

Born in year 1953 in Riga. Graduated the Medical faculty of Riga Medical Institute. After that he worked as a first aid doctor. Studied at The Latvian Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, has obtained a qualification of surgeon – traumotologist. After graduating the ordinate in surgery he worked as a traumatologist – ortopedist at The 7th hospital. Dr. N. Elksniņš worked at the Department of laser neurosurgery of The Latvian Medical Academy from year 1990, where he applied laser equipment in the surgery of brains and cerebral blood vessels. There are publications of his scientific works. Has been working at The Private Neurosurgery Clinic as a doctor – ordinator since year 1994, he is working in the field of vertebral surgery.

Dr.Med. Ilona Purina

Born in year 1955 in Riga. Graduated the Medical faculty of Riga Medical Institute in year 1979. Undergone specialization in neurological diseases at The 7th hospital. Dr. I. Puriņa worked at the Scientific Research Laboratory of Riga Medical Institute from year 1881. The field of her researches was the treatment and diagnostics of the diseases of cerebral blood circulation. She defended the doctor’s degree in year 1988. Has specialized in the ultrasound investigational methods of cerebral blood circulation, diseases of cerebral blood circulation, headaches and in the treatment of other neural diseases. Has been working at The Private Neurosurgery Clinic as a neurologist since year 1999..

Our nurses

The chief nurse
Jelena Bogacova

Born in year 1972 in Riga. Graduated The 1st Riga Medical School as a midwife. Worked at The Private Neurosurgery Clinic as a nurse from year 1994, has been the matron of the clinic since year 1996. Graduated the study program for nurses at the Medical faculty of The Latvian University in year 2004.

Jūlija Smoļjaņinova

Born in year 1985 in Rīga. Graduated The 5th Riga Medical School in year 2007. Has been working at the clinic since June 2007.


Our consultants

Prof. Ģertrūde Eniņa – neurologist
Prof. Nikolajs Skuja – internist
Prof. Antoņina Bergmane – gynaecologist
Prof. Konstantīns Kalnbērzs – traunatologist, ortopedist
Prof. Dzidra Brante – dermatologist
Assist. prof. Zuzanna Sočņeva – psychiatrist
Assist. prof. Agris Štifts – endocrinilogist
Assist. prof. Sigurds Knipšs – urologist
Dr. Arians Lukins – pulmunologist
Dr. Ernests Cirkinds – cardiologist
Dr. Una Epnere – ophtalmologist
Dr. Kaspars Feldmanis – plastical surgeon, traumatologist
Dr. Staņislava Margeviča – gynaecologist
Dr. Edvīns Krastiņš – psychiatrist
Dr. Valdis Miglāns – otorhinolaryngologist
Dr. Ivars Prudāns – angiosurgeon
Dr. Guntars Mauriņš – osteophtysiosurgeon
Dr. Jāzeps Baško – thoracal surgeon
Dr. Sarmīte Dzelzīte – radiologist (CT, MRI)
Dr. Aigars Migals – radiologist (CT, MRI)
Dr. Ardis Platkājis – rentgenologist(CT, MRI)
Dr. Ilze Kravale – neurologist (an expert in EMG)
Dr. Vladimirs Varona – angiosurgeon
Dr. Kārlis Kupčs – nephrologist
Assist. prof. Ilze Vingre - infectologist
Dr. Adolfs Oganosjans - oncologist




Letters to patients


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Index: LV-1003
Riga, Latvia
T.: +371 67145038
M.: +371 29408883