There are special therapy wards in our clinic where patients of a serious general condition and postoperative patients are treated where a qualified medical staff is taking care of them 24 hours a day. The medical techniques of our hospital allow us to provide the patient with an intensive therapy according to the up-to-date citearia. the leades of the clinic are thriving for to increase the professional qualification of the staff and improve the medical technique according to the latest tendencies in medicine.

Transport - for tansportation of difficult patients from any hospital in Latvia is provided by the clinic 24 hours a day. Nursing of the patient as well as control of vital functions is provided during the tansportation.

Anaesthesy. If the patient is planning to undergo an operation or painfull medical manipulation, he is provided with anaesthesy for to avoid the negative consequences of pain and stress on the the organism of the patient. A doctor – anaesthesiologist is working at the clinis whose main duties are to prepare the patient for surgery, provide him with anaesthesy and poatoperative care. The patient is examined carefuly before the surgery not only concentating on the main diagnosis, but other diseases he has are taken into consideration, too as these might have an influence on the operative process and postoperative period. The anaesthesiologist has a seious discussion with a patient before the operation, he is told about the possible methods of anaesthesy and at the end of their discussion they come to a conclusion about whoch of the methods would be most preferable in this case. The vital functions are being controled during anaesthesy at the operation hall – cardial functioning, the blood pressure, qualitative medicine is being used providing peace, pleasant process of falling asleep and relieves the process of waking up. And only few of the patients do have sickness and lasting somnolentia.

Patient controled anaesthsy (PCA) is comonly used at our clinic. This means that the patient can obtain pain relieving effect without an additional involvement of medical staff. We are tying to activise the patient already in the first postoperative hours by physical and beathing exercises. Massage is done dayly by a qualified massagist to serious patients with forced reduction of physical abilities.

The aim of our work is to achieve such a result – a satisfied patient feeling comfortable, quick and qualitative examination and setting of the diagnosis and treatment as intensive as possible.

Let both of us succeed!