Doctor’s consultationEUR 50
Stay at hospital room (one day)EUR 80
SurgeriesSpine surgeryEUR 2500-5000
Head hematoma surgeryEUR 2500-3500
Brain tumor surgeryEUR 1500-4500
Carpal tunnel surgeryEUR 1000
BlockadeWithout X-rayEUR 80
With X-rayEUR 150-250
Medical transportWithin RigaEUR 15
Medical emergency transportEUR 45-155


Purins Private Clinic Ltd. cooperates with all insurance companies operating in Latvia.

A holder of a health insurance policy awarded in Latvia can give our cash register receipts to the health insurance company to cover the expenses in accordance with rules stipulated in the policy programme. Before accepting our services, the patient must verify this option with the insurance company.

Please get into touch with your insurance specialist who will be best placed to answer your questions about heath insurance.