What do we do

1. Spine pathology

  • conservative therapy
  • surgical treatment – use of all globally accepted techniques
  • blockages
  • medicines for strengthening vertebrae with Austria-produced preparation

2. Brain tumors

  • surgical treatment
  • chemotherapy

3. Diagnostics and treatment of various types of headache (migraine, post-traumatic headache)

4. Cerebrovascular pathology – cerebral vascular aneurysm, AVA – arteriovenous malformations, vascular stenosis and other less common diseases.

  • diagnostics
  • surgical treatment

5. Insult treatment

  • diagnostics
  • surgical treatment of hemorrhagic stroke (hemorrhage in head)
  • conservative therapy, rehabilitation

6. Hydrocephaly

  • diagnostics
  • surgical treatment, bridging

7. Diseases of the peripheral nervous system

  • diagnostics
  • surgical treatment
  • conservative therapy, blockages

8. Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • trigeminal nerve neurology
  • blockages

9. Traumatic head and spine injuries

  • diagnostics
  • surgical treatment
  • rehabilitation

10. Cervical spine osteochondrosis

Neck pain is often experienced in case of physical stress. Pain can radiate to occiput. This can be accompanied by dizziness, shoulder pain. Sometimes tingling in hands can be experienced.
Blockages – three times with lidocaine and corticosteroids, with one-week intervals. Stable effect.

11. Lumbar spine osteochondrosis

Lumbar spine. Pain increased by lengthy sitting or working with curved back.
The pain can radiate into the back or side portion of a leg.
Blockages – three times with lidocaine and corticosteroids, with one-week intervals. Stable effect.

12. Carpal tunnel syndrome

Often experienced palm pain, most often during the nighttime; sometimes radiates to lower arm.
Blockages: Allows reducing pain and movement disorders. In most severe cases requires surgical treatment.

13. Ultrasound nerve compression in the elbow region.

Sensation disorders in fingers (pinky) as well as loss of strength therein. hard to bend fingers.
Blockages – Introduction of medicines and corticosteroids in elbow canal.

14. Trigeminal neurology

Highly severe pain in one part of the face. Pain provoked by shaving, brushing teeth, combing hair, wind.
Blockages – three times with one-week interval. Helps reducing pain.

In our clinic, patients are examined and treated by traumatologists and orthopedists, plastic surgeons, vascular surgeons, general surgeons and internists certified in Latvia.


  • All testing required for diagnosis within one day.
  • Medical assistance at the hospital in case of severe condition (including pain relief).
  • Involvement of consultants to solve any medical issues.
  • If necessary, transport from home to hospital.
  • Consultations abroad in case of complicated cases (e.g. Sweden, Germany).

Our consultants can treat and consult you, your beloved ones, colleagues and neighbors about any medical issues at any time!

Admission rules

To be admitted to the clinic, no referral documents are needed. Book a doctor’s consultation every day from 12a.m. to 12p.m. by calling in advance.

In case of an emergency, call 24-hours a day 7 days a week. Information line: +371 29487807.

To comprehensively assess your state of health (diagnose), it is advised to come to a consultation with the following information:

  • CT, MRI test results, angiograms, myelograms, X-rays related to your health issues.
  • extracts, doctor’s conclusions, Z-ray conclusions from previous years as these will help the doctor to specify your disease.

In case you have not done any tests, do not worry – we will test you without delay and you will experience only minimum inconveniences.